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Making carbon offsets at a dairy farm

1. Smart energy funds environmental projects that offset carbon emissions from natural gas use.
2. Dairy farms host the most projects, because cow manure creates methane, a greenhouse gas.
3. Farms divert the manure to digesters to keep the greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.
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4. Biodigesters capture the methane and convert it into clean, renewable biogas.
 5. Biogas can be used as an on-demand renewable energy source that replaces other fuels with higher emissions.
This is the amount of money businesses can save each year. [1]/*Based on 2020 figures*/
businesses and residential customers participate in Smart Energy. This one has some extra long copy in it to ensure that we did our jobs correctly and the alignment works a![1]Placeholder text: Replace with your citation!
450 million
lbs. of cow manure converted into renewable energy in 2017.[2]Placeholder text: Replace with your citation!
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Natural Gas Savings

Save money.

Gas Heat

Gas can warm your home. 

Stay warm all winter.

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